DEADLINE: December 12th, 2023


COMPLETION DATE‭: ‬Films of any completion date are‭ ‬eligible for submission‭. ‬WOW Film Fair does not have any premiere requirements‭. ‬However‭, ‬the festival does take previous screenings and broadcasts into consideration when making its official selections‭, ‬particularly when films have already screened in the GCC.

LANGUAGE‭: ‬DVD preview screeners and exhibition prints must either be in English or have English subtitles‭.‬

EXHIBITION FORMATS‭: ‬You must have one of the following formats available by February 15th‭, ‬2022‭, ‬if accepted‭, ‬for screening at the‭ ‬festival‭.  ‬

  • HIGH DEFINITION‭ – ‬35mm‭, ‬Blu-Ray‭, ‬or Quicktime‭ (.‬mov‭) ‬file‭. ‬
  • STANDARD DEFINITION‭ – ‬DVD or Quicktime‭ (.‬mov‭) ‬file‭. ‬

FESTIVAL NOTIFICATION‭: ‬Notification will be sent by email or phone to the contact listed on the entry form by December 2022‭.‬‭ ‬You are responsible for updating WOW Film Fair directly regarding any change to your contact information and ensuring that emails from ‭[email protected] are not blocked by spam filters‭.  ‬

SUBMISSION FORMAT‭: WOW Film Fair requires ONE‭ (‬1‭) ‬DVD or digital file for review‭. ‬Include the film title‭, ‬running time‭, ‬and format‭ on your disc‭.  ‬Quicktime‭ (.‬mov‭) ‬files are also acceptable for entry on aUSB device or data disc‭ (‬DVD‭, ‬CD‭, ‬or Blu-Ray‭). ‬Submission materials will NOT be returned‭. ‬

‭: World of Women Film Fair Middle East proudly accepts entries via Film, the world’s best online submission platform. FilmFreeway offers free HD online screeners, unlimited video storage, digital press kits, and more. Click to submit with FilmFreeway.